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A violet (or magenta) coral (Clavaria zollingeri), a widely distributed species of fungus, photographed in Babcock State Park, West Virginia. (Date of Image: Unknown) 

Image credit: Jon Sullivan, PDPhoto.org 

(Source: nsf.gov)

Por qué soy feminista:


Soy feminista porque en la escuela nunca me enseñaron qué era el clítoris.

Soy feminista porque cuando hablábamos de masturbación hablábamos de estimular el pene.

Soy feminista porque hasta hace pocos meses me avergonzaba mi sangre menstrual,

soy feminista porque me enseñaron que la…


Hen & Chicks

This also known as a “Purple Beauty” has appropriately, dark purple leaves tinged with green centres depending on how much sun it gets. These guys are extremely easy to propagate - I’ve already pulled out a lot of “chicks” because this was getting so incredibly crowded.


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